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2017 Submissions

Million Deaths Chipstep Song
Frog Prince Chipstep Song
Dirt Clown Chipstep Song
cute little lemonade girl Chipstep Song
Pixel Love Chipstep Song
Slender Hip Hop - Olskool Song
i am pink mad Ambient Song
Feels Bad Ambient Loop
Behold it lives! Ambient Song
Watch it's alive! Hip Hop - Modern Song
red and pink Ambient Song
Violent Violet Purple Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Go Go Villain Experimental Song
Put your soul into it Pop Song
game Ambient Loop
Soulless Human Fusion Song
Soundtrack Ambient Song
Native Talk Ambient Song
Neat Neat Neat Experimental Song
Like, why man Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Oh haha Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Slowed Hip Hop - Olskool Song
I missed it Hip Hop - Modern Song
Click Click Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Dinner Zone Experimental Song
Dancing in the Zone Synthwave Song
Monkey Girlz Experimental Song
sauce Experimental Song
funny feeling Ambient Song
Free Reign Ambient Song
Good Feel Experimental Song
Mega Hip Hop - Modern Song
Bronze Experimental Song
Dear Lord Experimental Song
Get to Work Fusion Song
Love Solo Instrument Song
Slow Clock Chipstep Song
Mushroom boys Experimental Song
Illuminati Man Solo Instrument Song
Radioactive Bob Experimental Song
Nuclear Experimental Song
Rift Experimental Song
ChillFunkJunk Jazz Song
I am Mad Chipstep Song
I am Anxious Chipstep Song
I am Sad Chipstep Song
Japan Mountain Hip Hop - Modern Song
The Awesome Plaza Hip Hop - Modern Song
YellowStone Chipstep Song
AAAyeah Hip Hop - Modern Song
Piggish Experimental Song
Death of Me Trance Song
Glitched Nature Experimental Song
Mystery plant Experimental Song
Simpsons Complex Experimental Song
Cherry Coka Experimental Song
My Burden Ambient Song
Blue Sky Chipstep Song
GLUBGLUB Experimental Song
RedScape.8bit Chipstep Song
germs Experimental Song
CLOUDS Video Game Song
The Death of the Moon Chipstep Song
the defected tapes.mp3 Experimental Song
The Missing Tapes.mp3 Ambient Song
GlitchError Ambient Song
Gorge Experimental Song
My Monarch Experimental Song
My Sexbot Chipstep Song
Our Spirit Solo Instrument Song
CrashClang Jazz Song
Computers Death Chipstep Song
steamppy Chipstep Song
Sputnik Chipstep Song
save U Chipstep Song
Titune Chipstep Song
OI Chipstep Song
Flower Guy Chipstep Song
Color Experimental Song
Scratch Ambient Song
Gonzo Ambient Song
I want acknowledgement Hip Hop - Modern Song
Go Go Pal Experimental Song
Sad Chip Chipstep Song
jello chello Video Game Song
ChippyTune Video Game Song
negative state Fusion Song
Rad Mad Techno Song
Bunny Hop Funk Song
Danger Stranger Experimental Song
Sleepy Head Experimental Song
chill in the back Chipstep Song
Groove and Beat Jazz Song